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    As the lightest structural metal, magnesium provides a reduction in weight will still providing adequate thermal conductivity and is used for lamp housings.


    With the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal and its resistance to corrosion, titanium is used for fastening and mounting.


    Gold is both conductive and resistant to just about any chemical, which is why it protects all copper surfaces from corrosion.


    Bested only by pure silver, copper is a highly-conductive material and is used at high-power-density locations such as emitter circuits.


    When both high thermal conductivity and low weight are needed, aluminum is used to cool our electronics and add strength.


    Carbon forms the strongest of any bonds. Utilized as a filament, carbon reinforces polymers to create the lightest and strongest parts where the conductivity of magnesium is not needed.

    light generation


    Light Emitting Diodes provide the highest luminous efficacy of any light source. 


    LASERs produce the highest irradiance of any source and allows for production of the most collimated, narrow beam patterns.


    Multiple phosphors are used to efficiently convert blue light to other colors for more accurate illumination.


    Refractive optics provide the greatest beam control as all light interfaces with dedicated vector-changing junctions.


    Reflectors provide improved beam control for large, asymmetric emitters.


    Advanced circuits are used to power the LEDs and LASERs while protecting them from heat, transient voltages, and improper installation.