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    What is "Hot-Swap"?

    Hot-swapping is replacing a component without having to disable the operation of the parent system. Many Race systems have emitters, such as LEDs and LASERs, and optics that can be replaced whil the system is operating. 

    What does it mean to be "Future-Proof"?

    Many Race systems have both the ability to replace individual LEDs and LASERs. The circuits inside the systems are intelligent enough to recognize the demands of the newly-installed emitter. If a new emitter comes out that is better in some way, as they always seem to do, you can simply upgrade your lighting system by only purchasing the parts needed to update, not the whole lighting system. We will continue to integrate the lightest in emitter technlogies and offer savings by reusing the components that won't need to be changed, such as the housings and electronics.

    What does "In-Field" mean?

    As Race is focused on racing, our systems are designed to be serviced anywhere, including out in the dust of Baja. There are other lighting options out there that allow you to change beam patterns, but none of them can be done quickly, in a race, in any environment. We weren't the first to do it, but we were the first to do it right.

    Why do I need individual emitter temperature control?

    Good question! On larger systems, such as a light bar, temperatures can be uneven from emitter to emitter. Race systems push the limits of the individual components within the system, ensuring maximum performance when you need it most. By monitoring and regulating every emitter indepdently, we can push our systems as hard as possible without compromising reliability. 

    What is a Gore Vent?

    Gore is simply the name of the pioneering company that created ePTFE venting solutions. PTFE (commonly known as Teflon) is "expanded" into micro-fibrils that are so small that air can pass through but not water. It acts as a barrier to contaminants while allowing free exchange of air when the system is heating or cooling.

    What is "Beam Steering"?

    Some of our lighting systems have the ability to dynamically control the beam pattern. By changing the beam differently for the left and right sides, we can effectively steer the beam without having any moving parts.